Just a few of our many beers.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

Heavy malts and hints of apricot lend toward sweet overtones with hops drying it out for a bit of bitter on the finish. Serve slightly chilled in a snifter or oversized wine glass. Great with bbq or peppery, pungent cheeses. Be careful - it's zo% abv.

Dogfish Head palo Santo Marron

This unfiltered brown ale is very smooth and creamy without a heavy mouthfeel. Good amounts of malt with chocolate, vanilla and caramel. with an abv of 12% this head is complex and so yummy.

Innis and Gun Original

Oak ageing provides this brew with an incredible depth of character. Nose offers vanilla, orange, and hints of malt. Lends toward a very smooth comforting finish. Innis pairs with a wide variety of food from grilled sausage, lamb, and stewl; even rich, creamy pasta dishes. For dessert try anything creamy - custards, puddings and my personal favorite creme brulee.

Mephistophele's Stout

Jet black with liquerish anise, ripened cherries and chocolate. Offers flavor of carmalized dark fruit, and hugely rich espressor. Amazingly complex and velvety with an abv of 16.1%

Ommegang chocolate Indulgences

In honer of Duvels 10th Anniversary this is thier first faray into the world of stouts. highly Drinkable at 7% abv, this is sure to please. Brewed with chocolate malt and amazing (real) Belgian chocolate. A hint of roasted barely and carmel shine through. Decandence in a stout.

Ommrgedon Funk House Ale

Extremely limited, Large bottle fromat, from the reknown Devel Family. 8% abv. Not to be missed by any beer afficionado

Sam Adams Boston Lager

A full bodied beer perfect all year.

Samael's oak aged ale

A barley wine with explosive caramel but without any hint of hop to show off it's beautiful malt. With an abv of 16% this ale has great depth and complexity. There's an abundance of vanilla on the palate. Cellar worthy 10 years.

Sierra Nevada 12th Harvest wet Hop Ale

For you hop fans scoop this up! "wet un-dried hops are fermented while their oils & resins are at peak. Large format with 6.7% alcohol volume.

The Beast grand Cru Ale

Dark, powerful massive to last the ages this is an amazingly complex ale with aromas of honey and nutmeg. The beast erupts on the palate with plums, raisinsand molasses.